Jezebel Threatened Over Aniston Photos

Gawker blog Jezebel has received a cease-and-desist e-mail over their posting of allegedly unretouched photos of Jennifer Aniston looking old and bedraggled in the absence of post-shoot photoshopping. The nastygram cited claims of copyright.

Jezebel blogger Jessica Coen responded, in part:

One of Jezebel’s most significant areas of interest is the Photoshopping of women who appear in magazines, catalogs, or in any other publication. It’s an important factor that shapes the beauty standard, and it affects how women view themselves, for better or worse. As such, the peg of the post is how Jennifer Aniston looks pre-Photoshop, and I think you can agree that a small image falls under fair use since the existence of these images is indeed news. It’s the peg of the item.

The whole exchange is here.

(Ha’p Hollywood Reporter’s ESQ)

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