Illinois Mayor: Bloggers are Terrorists, Creating History’s Greatest First Amendment Crisis

Explosion on keypad of laptop computerJoseph Werner, mayor of Mokena, Illinois, has compared bloggers attacking local officials to terrorists who fly planes into buildings, killing innocent people. Further, Werner believes blogs have given rise to the greatest First Amendment crisis in this country’s history.

That’s according to Phil Kadner of Chicago Sun-Times’ suburban label SouthtownStar:

“They’re no different in my mind than the kind of person who takes an American plane with Americans on it and flies it into an American building and says I did it for a cause,” Werner said at a village board meeting, as quoted by Kadner in the SouthtownStar.

Given a chance to back off of those comments, Werner wouldn’t. He did clarify that he doesn’t have a problem with bloggers in general, just with those who hide their identities.

“They want to be anonymous. That’s cowardly,” Werner told Kadner. “Just like terrorists, they don’t care if they destroy innocent people, and maybe they’re not killing anyone, but they’re destroying reputations.”

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3 Responses to “Illinois Mayor: Bloggers are Terrorists, Creating History’s Greatest First Amendment Crisis”

  1. Terry Hart says:

    Bloggers are going to have a field day with this story. :)

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  3. anonymous commenting terrorist says:

    What an idiot. He really needs to re-adjust his perspective on things.