Sarah Jones Wins Early Motion Against

Sarah Jones (Photo, Cincinnati Bengals)

Eric Goldman on Technology & Marketing Law Blog writes about a recent decision in the case of a school teacher and NFL cheerleader against about the meanest blog ever to sail the cyberseas: Jones v. Dirty World Entertainment, 2:09-cv-00219-WOB (N.D. Ky. Jan. 21, 2011).

Jones defeated The Dirty’s §230 safe-harbor defense at the earliest opportunity The Dirty had to bring it up, a motion to dismiss based on the pleadings. But the defense isn’t dead. Now the parties will go through the discovery process – producing documents, undergoing depositions – and we’ll see whether Jones can defeat the §230 defense on the facts.

Goldman doesn’t seem bullish on Jones’ long-term prospects. “Based on what I saw in this ruling,’s editorial contribution beyond the user-submitted content appears to be minimal and probably legally inconsequential,” Goldman writes.

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  1. LLB says:

    You’ve gotta wonder what it is that motivates them. I mean, other than hatred? Then again, I often ask myself why Tucker Max does what he does. (I’m sorry I’m affiliated with him)