UK’s Advertising Standards Authority Eyeing Websites for Enforcement

Union Jack - flag of the United KingdomI love listening to radio stations abroad via the internet. I quite commonly listen to Capital 95.8 FM out of London. In addition to helping me get ready for the royal wedding (Lily Allen on June 11h, of course!) I’ve also learned something relevant to blog law.

A public service announcement from the United Kingdom’s Advertising Standards Authority was letting listeners know that beginning March 1, 2011, the ASA’s jurisdiction in cyberspace is expanding. The ASA’s mandate will now include advertiser’s own websites, instead of just the per-se paid-for-placement adverts that try to draw consumers to the advertiser’s websites.

So if you’re blogging to market your own products or services in the UK, then straighten up and fly right. If you’ve got a commercially oriented blog and you have UK connections, read up on what the ASA is up to.

Image: EEJ (Konomarked flag photos on Flickr.)

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