Martygate Questions Grow

A blog commenter named “Marty” left comments on the blog last fall that upset someone in the town government of Southborough, Mass. The comments apparently related to the hiring of a new police chief.

Since then, it has been revealed that the town has been mulling legal action over the blog comments, and on April 22 a FOIA request turned up evidence that the town had incurred over $3,000 in legal bills for investigating the identity of “Marty.” (MySouthborough on this.)

The latest is that Selectman Sal Giorlandino won’t say whether an investigation of eight town workers was or was not related to the Marty comments. (Metrowest Daily News, MySouthborough)

The controversy appears to derive from a September 21, 2009 blog post by Susan called “Open discussion thread: Ask questions, share opinions.” Two comments by “Marty” for that post are currently marked as “removed at the commenter’s request.”

Robert J. Ambrogi on Media Law blog offered some commentary on the case on April 1, 2010.

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