Todd Kincannon Unfazed by Righthaven’s Bankruptcy Talk

Righthaven antagonist J. Todd Kincannon (Photo: The Kincannon Firm)

I asked Todd Kincannon, the lawyer signing up plaintiffs for a Righthaven class action, what he thought of the company’s claim that it was on the verge of bankruptcy.

“I always knew Righthaven would file bankruptcy if things got rough,” Kincannon told me by e-mail. “They
were set up as a limited liability company just so they could do that. Fortunately, Stephens Media, MediaNews Group, Sherman Frederick, Steve Gibson, and Dickinson Wright all seem to have plenty of money.”

I kind of thought he might think that.

The truth is that Righthaven’s bankruptcy, if and when it comes to that, won’t be the end of the Righthaven story. Instead, it will be the beginning of the second half.

Over its first year and a half, Righthaven was on the offense, swooping down on unsuspecting bloggers and holding them up for a few thousand dollars a piece. Then, in June, the Democratic Underground decision came down, and the tide reversed. Things are now swooping down on Righthaven. Not only does Kincannon have his nascent class-action, but there’s the strong possibility of bar discipline against Righthaven attorneys, and you can even see the potential for criminal charges (federal racketeering charges and conspiracy to obstruct justice, for instance).

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3 Responses to “Todd Kincannon Unfazed by Righthaven’s Bankruptcy Talk”

  1. Colleen Lynn says:

    We’ve all been waiting for the “real” second half to begin. I think Gibson here is talking about the reflective coin moment toss:

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