Client in Chief: The Nightmare of Lawyering for Trump


Washington Post app headline of July 14, 2017

Here’s something you already knew: “managing Trump” is a “‘titanic’ legal task.” That’s from the app-based headline for the this Washington Post story: Trump’s legal team faces tensions — and a client who often takes his own counsel.

I’ve actually thought often about what it would be like to have Donald Trump as a client. I can guess it would be like my single worst, most stressful day of practice — but maybe four to six days every single week.

So it’s not surprising that the WaPo reported “After one meeting in which [Trump's lawyers] urged Trump to steer clear of a certain topic, he sent a tweet about that very theme before they arrived back at their office.”

The WaPo story contains this quote from Trump campaign advsier Barry Bennett, which I think goes to the heart of the matter. About the 2016 campaign, he said, “do you know how many times people came to him and said, ‘That was lethal, you’re never going to survive it’? Every time, he survived. When somebody tells him he can’t do something, he’s at a minimum circumspect.”

No doubt.

If you’ve had a long lifetime of things working out amazingly no matter how much advice you’ve flaunted, I can see that the lack of motivation to hang on every admonition of your lawyer.

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