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AP Coverage of EFF’s Involvement in Righthaven v. Democratic Underground

Friday, October 1st, 2010

Associated Press logoIt’s nice to see that another newspaper reporter in Las Vegas is writing about Righthaven, that is, unaffiliated with the Las Vegas Review-Journal and in addition to Steve Green with the Las Vegas Sun.

Cristina Silva of the Associated Press is following the story now, and yesterday she reported (Forbes, on the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s involvement in one of the Righthaven suits, an action against Democratic Underground. (Complaint [pdf]; answer and counterclaim [pdf].)

I am quoted in the story:

“The news media has just not done stuff like this before,” said Eric E. Johnson, a University of North Dakota law professor who focuses on copyright infringement and intellectual property issues. “The news media has this sense of public responsibility and a deep sense of ethics and the public trust … this seems like a straightforward effort to make money. It’s mean.”