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Federal Criminal Defendant Cites Blog’s Reposted Newspaper Story in Appellate Brief

Monday, July 19th, 2010

While Righthaven is suing people left and right for reposting newspaper articles, a federal criminal defendant from North Carolina has cited to a blog’s reposted version of a newspaper article in an appellate brief to the Fourth Circuit.

The case is United States v. John Douglas Bird, Jr., No. 09-4806. The blog is News, and the paper is the Asheville Citizen-Times.

Here is the portion of the brief’s table of authorities that cites the blog’s repost:

Other Authorities:

* * *

Jon Ostendorff, DA: No Assault Evidence Found Against SBI Agent, Asheville Citizen-Times, Dec. 2, 2009, (accessed on January 25, 2010, at http:// … 11

Note: That link won’t work, but this will:

Indeed, as you might expect from the fact that the brief cited the blog, the Asheville Citizen-Times story is no longer available for free on the newspaper’s website. There is a $3.95 charge to access it from the archives.

Bird is represented by the Federal Defenders office in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Dallas Morning News Supports Federal Anti-SLAPP Law

Friday, June 11th, 2010

The Dallas Morning News has written an editorial (here) supporting the efforts of U.S. Representative Charles Gonzalez (Democrat from San Antonio), who is trying get a federal anti-SLAPP law passed.

The Dallas Morning News’s reason? To protect bloggers:

Blog participation is exploding, and consumers increasingly are using their keyboards to vent frustrations over being cheated or mistreated by companies. Once posted, those complaints can fall under state defamation laws. In other cases, lawyers for a company criticized on the Internet often sue by claiming “tortious interference” – that the blogger is hindering a company’s right to conduct business.