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Now That is Impressive

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

I was looking back at the bio of social-media-guru-attorney Michelle Sherman, and I noticed that when she left being a partner at Sheppard Mullin to go to the L.A. County Public Defenders office for a year to sharpen her trial skills, she won all of her jury trials.

I must have read that too quickly in the past, because I hadn’t really appreciated that. Dang.

You quite often hear about prosecutors who have won all their jury trials. Big deal. Let’s be honest. As a prosecutor, winning all your jury trials is kind of your job. If there’s a trial you don’t think you can win, then you can (and in most cases should) let the defendant out on an easy plea deal or simply drop the charges altogether. Then, on top of that, prosecutors have by far the easier row to hoe in court. They have better resources to devote to cases, and juries are famously inclined to side with “law and order.”

Now, public defenders don’t get to choose their clients, and they don’t get to drop the charges if they get tired of the case. And nearly every case they fight at trial is one the prosecutor figured was in the bag. So winning all your jury trials as a public defender is really something. I don’t know how many trials she did, but even if it was just two, that’s really something.

Don’t Get Too Excited About Your Company’s Social Media Debut Yet!

Friday, May 20th, 2011

Headshot of Michelle Sherman and social media logo

Michelle Sherman of law firm Sheppard Mullin blogs about social media law

Michelle Sherman, a lawyer with L.A.’s Sheppard Mullin, has a new blog post Sherman’s post asks the question:

Is Your Company’s Social Media Launch Ahead Of Its Compliance Program?

What a buzz kill, huh? This is why people don’t love lawyers. You’re all excited about your company’s social media debut, and then all of a sudden you remember, OH YEAH, I HAVE TO THINK ABOUT THE LAW!. And then you have to pay by the hour, and all of a sudden you are really grumpy.

But, of course, Michelle is right. Any business going into social media as a way to win customers and make money ought to learn something about the law before they do. There are a lot expensive mistakes you can make.

And why, you may ask, why has the law thrown up a bunch of hurdles that make for those potentially expensive mistakes? It’s because there are a lot of people who want to use social media to rip off customers. So, basically, the unscrupulous folks out there ruin it for everybody. Next time you’re grumpy about legal bills, pause for a moment to send some bad juju the way of the sleazes out there who are the reason so many laws exist.

Anyway, Michelle’s post contains a nice rundown of the FTC v. Twitter lawsuit (settlement recently finalized) and the FTC v. Google Buzz settlement.