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Feds’ Approval of Verizon Deal Bad for Consumers

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

A good article by my friend Troy Wolverton of the San Jose Mercury News about federal regulators’ approval of a joint venture by Verizon and multiple cable operators:

Approval of Verizon-cable agreement a bad deal for consumers

Such deals may make accessing the internet more difficult and more expensive.

Wolverton on Net Neutrality

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

A column by my friend, Troy Wolverton, in the San Jose Mercury News, does an excellent job of explaining why the FCC’s new net neutrality rules aren’t cause for too much celebration.

He pithily explains the tech, the law, what’s at stake, and his opinion on it. In particular, he explains why it’s not okay to ensure net neutrality for wired connections but not for wireless connections.

WARNING TO BLB READERS: Be careful with that column! The San Jose Mercury News’ parent company, MediaNews Group, recently signed up with Righthaven, which then sued a blogger who reposted a column published in sister paper The Denver Post.